The MX10 connects a single headset to a telephone and a PC.



The MX10 Universal Audio Processor connects your telephone and PC or external audio device to a Plantronics headset and provides control of the sound through your headset. The MX10 includes near-universal compatibility with single- and multi-line telephones. A Quick Disconnect connector allows you to walk away from your desk without removing the headset or disconnecting the call.


• Single headset with telephone and audio device. Convenient use of both the telephone and audio device, using the same high-quality Plantronics headset. 

• Easy to install. Adapts almost all telephones for use with a variety of Plantronics headset styles. 

• Easy to operate. Simple button controls for headset/handset selection and telephone/audio selection. 

• Easy to adjust. Separate controls allow independent adjustment of outgoing and incoming volume for the telephone, and incoming volume for the audio device. 

• Superior Sound. SoundGuard® technology provides natural voice tone and removes loud tones, as well as occasional noises and crackles on the line. 

Ideal for
Office professionals who need to use their corded headset with their deskphone and PC
Call Control
Volume, Mute, Source mixing
Audio performance
Standard Band
Connects to
Phone, headset, PC